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There’s always an occasion that calls for a glass (or two) of shimmering rose. We call those “drinking moments.” From sunbathing poolside to intimate celebrations at the day’s end, Maison Belle Claire celebrates the joie de vivre of anyone living by their own rules.

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Explore our lineup of flawless blends rounded out with sophistication and exclusively imported from Bordeaux, the South of France, Champagne, and the small, yet prestigious island, of Corsica.

2018Pinot Noir

  • Tasting notesThis Pinot Noir has a clear ruby red color thanks to its marinated fruits in alcohol and gentle tannins. Its morello cherry aromas intoxicate the senses and invite the sipper in for more.
  • Food pairingsAs you relish our bold-bodied Pinot Noir, think like a carnivore. It pairs particularly well with all types of meat, especially poultry.

2018Sauvignon Blanc

  • Tasting notesThis is a wine of great aromatic strength that includes a subtle mix of fruit - black currant buds, citrus and hints of tropical fruit. Its taste lives up to its fragrant nose and is both lively and long.
  • Food pairingsWhen you savor our Sauvignon Blanc, think like a pescatarian. It pairs perfectly with fish and shellfish as well as herbaceous greens like parsley, basil, mint, cilantro, and basil.


  • Tasting notesThis refreshing petal pink blend offers a lifted red berry nose made up of strawberries and red currants. It is an easy-going sipping wine, excellent for warm summer evenings.
  • Food pairingsBest served chilled at 52°F, our grenache works splendidly as an aperitif or with summer salads, barbeque and picnic foods.


  • Tasting notesOur Rosé is clean and powerful with notes of fresh, red berries and golden peaches that evolve into hints of redcurrant and raspberry. Notes of strawberry, cherry and lychee also peak through, delivering a fine balance to the palate.
  • Food pairingsThe bright freshness of our pure water-sourced Rosé pairs excellently with crisp salads and leafy greens.

OUR STORYExpertly Handcrafted

Handcrafted and blended by icons in French winemaking, Maison Belle Claire uses only the finest ingredients sourced from Provence.

Maison Belle Claire RoséRating: 93/100

The nose is quite expressive and complex. The mid-palate feels like a strawberry and cherry juice. The finish is long and fresh with notes of lychee. Its subtle minerality provides freshness and length to the wine. This rosé has an excellent balance.
When my team tasted this Rosé, we knew that we simply
had to have it on our menus in all of our locations. Steve Day, Blue Martini
I was in the South of France this summer and Maison Belle Claire Rosé was the best of all the rosés I have tasted, that’s why I have put in all my restaurants, Runway 84, Andy’s and 4 Pronto locations. The best! Anthony Bruno, Anthony Coal Fire Pizza, Runway 84, Pronto, Andy’s
Maison Belle Claire Rosé is my favorite rosé in the market,
it’s the new “it” rosé and we only carry this rosé in all of our 11 locations. Marc Falsetto, Restauranteur

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